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Do you combine orders?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer that service.

Does Limit 1 apply to person or household/address?

The limits on items only apply to the person placing the order. We understand that between roommates, family members, partners, children, pets, ghosts, coworkers, etc. there's always the possibility someone else at the same address wants to order too. It's best to leave a note if that is the case as the filter keys off address first but it is always limited on a per person basis so a note makes sure we know just in case.

What do I do if I made a mistake when placing my order?

Reply to your order confirmation email or write an email to with your order number included.

Turn Around Time

Items not on pre-order are in stock and ready to ship! They will start shipping the Tuesday after a launch and can take about 10-15 days as we work through shipping all the orders.

Pre-order items often require ordering of pigments or other supplies and can take an extra 3-4 weeks.


Our previous catalog has been officially retired and the September 2023 launch marked the beginning of a new one. Colors made from that point forward will likely have the opportunity to be respawned in the future.

Will Mystery Bag Polishes be available again?

All the mystery bag polishes will be available individually at a later time that is currently TBD. Worry not if you didn't get a mystery bag or don't pull your desired shade!

This polish is marked as "may contain specks". What's that about?

As this is a hand-mixed item, you may notice some small speckles of pigment in your bottle. We've done our best to quality control for them, but if they affect the polish too much for you, reach out to us for a replacement!